Beach Beauty: Top 5 Must-Have Skincare Kits To Pack

We know how hard it can be to narrow down your favourite skin products just to meet your luggage allowance. Enter Rachel Singer Clark, Because Magazine's Contributing Beauty Editor who shared her 5 Best Skincare Travel Kits so you can pack smarter for your next trip...


WWW = What Went well

EBI = Even Better If

 1. Aesop,  Departure Travel Kit

Aesop skincare Travel Kit

Departure Travel Kit, £45, Aesop at Look Fantastic

Aesop has a number of travel kits to choose from which have been formulated for various locations, such as the Vienna, Rome and Sao Paulo kits. The departure was the ideal travel kit as it’s a mix of seven on route skin essentials…

     SCORE: 3/5

    WWW: As a travel kit it ticked 3 out of the 5 boxes. Great kit for the long-haul flights with toothpaste and hand wash included and its rose-petal infused mist is a ‘hero’ for when you need a spritz and refresh. Plus the resurrection skin-softening hand balm is soothing.

    EBI:  Add in a face cream and a deodorant and this would have got a 5!

    2. Susanne Kaufmann, Travel kit-sun

    Susanne Kaufmann skin care Travel kit

    Flight Kit, 80 euros, Susanne Kaufmann at

    SCORE: 3/5

    WWW: This kit has all the inflight essentials you need with a lip balm, hand spray, deodorant and moisturising spray as its core products. Once you touch down at your destination, keep it in your beach bag to freshen up before lunch or drinks at the bar. 

    EBI: It would be great if the vegetable oil and wax lip balm contained an SPF so you could prolong its use when you arrive at your sunny location. Sunburnt lips are never fun!

    3. Aromatherapy Associates, Support & Travel Edit

    Aromatherapy Associates, Support & Travel kit

    Support & Travel Edit, £33, Aromatherapy Associates at SpaceNK

    SCORE: 2/5

    WWW: This kit will really look after both you and your skin. As we know a full day in the sun can be damaging and often cause tightening and dryness of the skin. The intensive skin oil included in the kit is great for this and the hyaluronic acid-infused biodegradable mask is the perfect companion when on the flight to wear whilst you de-stress and nod off.

    EBI: Love the products but our main criticism is the size of the kit! The product sizes could do with being a little more generous so you can really build a love for the product. 

    4. Elemis, The Luxury Travel Collection Essentials for Her

    Elemis The Luxury Travel kit Collection Essentials for Her

    The Luxury Travel Collection Essentials For Her, £75.40, Skin Store

     SCORE: 3/5

    WWW: Elemis nailed it when it comes to the size of their products in the travel kit. It includes a set of seven which cover most bases for a full-face cleansing routine. Rachel ‘’I particularly loved using the hot towel and cleansing balm each evening; it was the best way possible to wrap up a day in the heat’’

    EBI: All thats missing is an eye cream, a lip balm and face serum and it would be complete.

    5. Tata Harper, Tata's Daily Essentials

     Saving the best until last...

     Tata Harper, Tata's Daily Essentials travel kit

    Tata's Daily Essentials, £65, Tata Harper 

    SCORE: 5/5

    WWW: With a formulated seven-step regime this one will save your skin after sun exposure, keeping it hydrated and calm after each use. The seven steps go from exfoliating and a clarifying cleanse to a moisturiser and facial serum. After Rachel claimed she saw ‘instant results’ we know this is one routine you won't want to miss out on.

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