Holiday Hair: 10 Instagram-Worthy Beach Hairstyles Without The Fuss

Holiday hair inspiration collage

You might want your beach hair to look effortless, but it can take more than a spritz of salt spray to get Gigi Hadid surfer waves. Here are 10 of the best beach hairstyles to try in 2016…

1. The braided centre parting

Kate Bosworth has been our ultimate beach hair-spiration ever since she surfed the Pipe Masters in Blue Crush. This year we want to recreate the braided centre parting and hun she wore at Coachella.


Get the look:
Bridget Brager explained to Byrdie how to get the look: "[Start] with second-day dry hair. Take a section of hair where you would normally have a center part. Begin making a braid, starting at the crown and working toward your forehead, finishing at your hairline. Make two equal sections with the remaining hair and secure by pushing a bobby pin up the middle of the braid as close to the scalp as possible. Take the remaining sections and smooth them down to frame the face."

Taylor Hill Beach Waves Hair


2. The just-been-in-the-water beach waves

When it comes to beach hair, the Victoria’s Secret angels always have the ultimate ‘I’ve just been on the back of a jet ski’ salty waves.

Get the look:
Getting effortless, gritty beach hair can actually require some effort. See the Man Repeller’s comprehensive guide for how to make your hair look more Gisele than Monica Geller post-dip.

Alternative pony tail idea


3. The knotted mermaid braid

If this is how Blake Lively wears her hair for a hike, we can pull it off on the beach, right?

Get the look:
Blake’s hairstylist Rod Ortega tried to make her braid look like the leaves and branches they passed on their hike. He said to Refinery29 that to get the look you divide the hair into three sections like for a French braid, then make a knot with the centre portion. “As if you were knotting a rope, push the knot to the base of the hair. Then, start your French braid, stopping with every full rotation to create another knot with the middle section. Continue this all the way down your hair, until you've got a French braid punctuated with knots.” He then says he opened up each knot to soften the look. [Refinery29]

Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung Wearing Headscarves


4. Harry Styles headscarf

Sadly we can’t always have Blake Lively mermaid hair at the beach. If you need a look to carry you through a day of extreme humidity/ wind, then make like Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof and do the Keith Richards look. All you’ll need is a patterned silk scarf.

Fishtail plait



5. The made-for-Instagram braid

If you can plait your hair like the YouTube braiders, then tie it up with a pretty scarf or scrunchie like @hairbyjaxx.

Get the look:

Hair by Jaxx tell us that to create the braid you simply take a small section from the outside into the middle and a small section from the outside left and brad continuously until the end and finish with a pretty tie. Watch the how-to video here from Zoella

Sporty twisted pony tail


6. Sporty rope-effect pony

At the SS16 shows plaits were replaced by two-strand rope twists, as seen at J. W Anderson and Public School. This is the perfect look to sport with Lisa Marie Fernandez scuba suits or for a beach run.

Get the look:
The good news is these sporty twists are much easier to master than fishtails. Pull the hair back into a tight ponytail and divide the hair into two even sections. Then twist both pieces of hair tightly clockwise and then twist both sections together in the opposite direction. Watch how to do a rope braid here.

Gigi Hadid Tousled Hair


7. Gigi Hadid’s bombshell waves

When it comes to tousled waves, Gigi Hadid has the ultimate surfer girl tresses whether she’s on the beach or on the red carpet.

Get the look:
Gigi Hadid’s hairstylist Yepez creates her bouncy waves by first applying Moroccanoil's Volumizing Mousse through freshly washed hair. She told InStyle that next she rough dries the hair in sections and curls small and large sections of hair with a 1-inch and ¾-inch curling iron. She said: “Switching it up allows the style to look more like real beach waves rather than a curling iron wave.” Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and spray dry shampoo on the roots to get extra volume.

Half up half down hair


8. Half up half down twist

At Altuzarra’s Spring Summer 2016 show the girls wore their hair in folk-inspired half-up twists. Simple, but oh so pretty.

Get the look:
Comb Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream through the hair and rough dry, twisting sections to get a natural texture. Take hair from both temples and twist them back into a loose V shape and tie with an elastic.



9. French plait pigtails at Giles

At Giles’ Spring Summer 2016 show the models wore their hair pulled back into wavy fishtail pigtails.

Get the look:
Pull the pigtails back from the front. At Giles, stylists used a water spray over the braids to get a natural soft wave. They used label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Oil Mist on the finished braids to make the hair look glossier.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Top Knot


10. The no-fuss top knot

When it comes to humidity-proof hairstyles, the top knot is the leader of the pack.

Get the look:

To begin, spray the hair with salt spray to get texture. Pull your hair up making sure the back is smooth. Twist the hair around the elastic and pin into place. To soften the look, finish by teasing out baby hair.

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