5 Body Confident Women We Love To Follow On Instagram

There’s no denying Instagram can be a place of highly filtered and retouched pictures, especially when it comes to swimwear, but for the last couple of years influencers and models of all sizes have been speaking out about the damaging effects of striving for the perfection we so often see when scrolling through your Instagram feed. These women are all about posting beautiful pictures with or without stretch marks, stomach creases and showing that beautiful women and bikini models come in all shapes and sizes.  Judging by their huge followings and the positive feedback received from their followers they appear to have struck a chord with many women around the world too.

Here are 5 women changing the world one body positive selfie at a time...


Kate Wasely Bikini Body Positivity

The Australian is a Sports Illustrated model and the co-founder of body inclusive instagram page @any.body_co. She launched the page with her best friend and fellow model Georgia Gibbs to promote positive body images and help women to see their bodies for better - away from the toxicity of social media. Kate is a UK size 16 and Georgia a UK size 6 and the duo is often photographed side by side wearing the same bikini to show that everybody is beautiful and to #quitthecomparisons.


Iskra Bikini Body Positivity

She’s the British model who started out when she was just 13. Now with over 4.2 million followers on Instagram she is promoting a healthy image of women’s real bodies and educating them on how to navigate the world of social media and to recognise the tricks used to create those perfect model shots. She is also credited in helping to establish the National Eating Disorder Association’s ‘Seal Of Approval’ awarded to socially responsible campaigns and brands.


Bree Warren Bikini Body Positivity

Australian model Bree Warren grew up in Queensland and spent most of her childhood at the beach or at the pool in a bikini. She now works as a plus-size model in New York and is part of the new wave of models challenging the size stereotypes in the industry. She has become one of the go-to people to follow for body positive, unretouched and inspiring posts on her instagram feed and blog Breewarren.com.


Emma Hoareau Bikini Body Positivity

When she shared some unretouched photographs of herself last year, Emma, the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog Lolita Says So, had the biggest reaction to any blog post she had ever done. Whilst she thanked her followers for praising her in being so ‘brave’ to showcase her imperfections, she admits its not something she does purposefully as the stomach rolls or stretch marks aren’t something she sees. Whilst its not something she initially set out to do, there is no denying Emma is one of the few successful fashion influencers who isn't a size 8-10 and who is also celebrating her imperfections and encouraging others to do so.


Bella Golden Bikini Body Positivity

Model Bella Golden is a size UK 16 and credits social media for helping her feel better about her body and to post things that she would like to see more of on Instagram. Growing up she never felt proud of her curvy figure but now she is most often see on the beach in a bikini encouraging women to feel confident in their own skin and to not compare yourself to others.

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