5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear

One of the most common questions we get asked is why we love wearing swimwear so much? Well, aside from the infinite design iterations that continue to keep us hooked season after season, the only true way to be beach-body-ready and feel happy in swimwear is to love your body and be confident of how you look. Easier said than done you might say? Well, one of the easiest ways to do this is to invest a really great and flattering bikini or swimsuit. If you are comfortable and wearing a piece of swimwear that lifts and enhances in all the right places you WILL notice the difference in how your body looks and feels. We wanted to dig a little deeper and asked 5 of our favourite women, all of different ages and body shapes to share their own secrets on how they feel confident when baring all pool-side...
Natalia Barbieri, Creative Director & Founder - Bionda Castana
Natalia Barbieri 5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear
Photo credit: Natalia Barbieri
Natalia says: "The moment I accepted the fact that swimwear and beachwear didn’t need to consist of skimpy/hardly- there items, I felt at my chicest and that’s what gave me confidence. Truly. My body shape is curvy, I have boobs and a small-ish waist so a high waisted big pant bikini or a stretch fabric one piece such as the Hunza G Solitare swimsuit will always be my go-to. I feel better when I'm not too exposed, and it isn't down to lack of confidence, it's just what I feel is more elegant.
Top tip: I never used to wear jewellery at the beach or poolside but now I have learnt to accessorise with jewels as they add so much to your overall look! I can always be seen wearing stacked necklaces, multiple earrings and rings when not smothering in suncream, of course. Also, invest in a great cover-up - I feel that's even more important than the swimsuit itself and I would totally wear this Evarae silk dress to dinner."
Evarae modica silk wrap dress
Oseree Rainbow lurex high waisted bikini
Sleeper green linen brigette dress
Leila Kashanipour, Jewellery Designer Lei Van Kash 
Leila Kashanipour 5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear
Photo credit: Leila Kashanipour
Leila says: "In the past 2/3 years I have come to appreciate a one-piece much more! Before I used to worry about tan lines but since turning 30 my priorities have shifted to wearing the right skin protection and not necessarily grilling myself in the sun. As a mum of two, I also think any swimwear needs to be practical and comfortable whilst still fun and flattering. I have small breasts so this underwired swimsuit by Onia will give me more definition and make me feel more feminine. I always like to accessorise my swimwear too with a great hat or bag. This Global Babe protects against UVA and UVB and I love that it can be folded flat in my suitcase. As for the bag, well it speaks for itself!"
Shop Leila's favourites:
Beachflamingo Onia We Wore What Powder Blue Belted swimsuit
Beachflamingo le nine pastel rainbow crystal basket

Hannah Almassi, Editor In Chief - WhoWhatWear.co.uk 
Hannah Almassi 5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear
Photo credit: Instagram @hannahalmassi
Hannah says: "For me, feeling good in swimwear is definitely a state of mind and a case of shifting priorities: I’d prefer to have fun on the beach and make the most of being on vacation rather than worry about my wobbly bits! However, there is something to be said for the extra boost a perfect-fitting swimsuit or bikini can offer. I’ve stopped panic buying cheaper, throwaway, unsupportive swimwear ahead of each holiday and instead I’ve invested in a couple of styles that have been coming with me on every trip for the past three or so years. My top tip? I’d actually recommend buying multiples of the same piece in different colours if you find something that really feels like the dream ticket—for example, I now have three of the same Hunza G Solitaire swimsuits as they’re comfortable, classic and I know I can pull each one out of my suitcase and not question whether or not they make me feel good. It may seem extravagant but I’d rather spend my money on a few items I know I’ll wear for many trips to come."
Shop Hannah's favourites:
Beachflamingo Fella Moss Green Underwired Bikini
Beachflamingo Hunza G metallic rust Solitaire swimsuit
Beachflamingo Palm Green Swimsuit
Beach Flamingo Onia Tortoiseshell Bikini
Jacqueline Russo, Co-Founder Beachflamingo.com
Jacqueline Russo 5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear
Photo credit: Instagram @beach_flamingo
Jacqueline says: "The most important thing for me to feel confident in swimwear is how a swimsuit is cut and the fabric. One of my top tips would be to not put too much importance on size labels because every designer cuts differently and finding the perfect fit is my priority. I  wouldalso say to not be afraid to try on something which is a bit different. As an older woman, I still want to look elegant and chic but I also like to find pieces that have a bit of an edge to them."
Shop Jacqueline's favourites:
Beachflamingo Evarae Bandeau Bikini
Beachflamingo Orange Nicole Olivier swimsuit
Beachflamingo Evarae White Kaftan
Beachflamingo Evarae Cassandra belted swimsuit

Lisa Ing Marinelli, Corporate Lawyer  

Lily Marinelli 5 Of Our Favourite Women On How They Feel Confident In Swimwear

Photo credit: Instagram @lisaingmarinelli

Lisa says: "Feeling confident whilst wearing next to nothing after giving birth to two kids is definitely a struggle. The key is finding which body part(s) you want to show off and then finding the right style to flatter it(them). You should be proud of your body no matter the shape or size but it isn’t always as straight forward when you’re finding yourself on a beach 6 months after becoming a mum. I decided to accentuate the areas of my body that I had never had before having children which for me was my boobs! I generally now wear high waisted bottoms to cover up my postnatal belly too and this Oseree bikini is perfect for that."

Shop Lisa's favourites:

Beachflamingo Oseree Lilac Beaded Bikini

High-waisted lilac beaded bikini, £210, Oserée

Beachflamingo Hunza G Baby Blue Swimsuit

Baby blue Classic swimsuit, £130, Hunza G

Beachflamingo Talis Chains Blue Evil Eye sunglasses chain

Blue evil-eye sunglasses chain, £45, Talis Chains

Beachflamingo Oseree Rainbow Lurex High waisted bikini

Rainbow lurex bikini, £261, Oserée 



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