Petit Kouraj: 5 Reasons Why This Is The Next IT Bag Of The Summer

1. Ethically Sourced & Sustainable

Petit Kouraj artisans weaving macrame bags in Haiti

After Celebrity stylist Nasrin Jean-Baptiste visited her native country, Haiti, she was inspired to create her brand Petit Kouraj which is Haitian Creole for ‘Little courage’. Each macramé-fringed bag is handmade by local artisans as part of a partnership with DOT Haiti, an organization that protects Haitian communities providing opportunities, education and vocation training to help support the Haiti economy. Nasrin is also passionate to ensure all materials are ethically sourced using organic cotton netting, 100% leather hands and rayon fringe.

2. One Of A Kind

Petit Kouraj fringed bags

Already hailed as the must-have bag brand for 2020 by Instyle and Vogue magazine, Petit Kouraj bags each have 342 strings of rayon sewn on taking a total of 12 hours to make. Each bag is totally unique and it only takes the swishing movement of the individually handsewn threads to appreciate the artistry put into these bags.

3. Wear All Year Round 

Petit Kouraj Street Style

(Left - right, @adeline @nasrin.jb @rajni_jacques)

The leather handles and fringed detail elevate what is traditionally seen as a basic summer carryall - making them perfect worn with a sundress in the heat and paired with a blazer & jeans for autumn. Giving the classic evening bag a modern twist, the liquid movement of the fringes look great swishing on the dancefloor teamed with a slinky slip dress too!

 4. Gift Boxes To Treasure 

If simply owning a Petit Kouraj bag wasn’t exciting enough, opening the packaging is an experience in itself. Each bag is sent in a paper mâché gift box reflecting the importance the brand places on sustainability. The thank you card inside gives you an insight into the support Nasrin Jean-Baptiste’s is giving to the Haitian community, with information about how and who created your Petit Kouraj bag.

5. Fringing Is One Of The Hottest Trends For Autumn

Fringed Bag Trend Spring/Summer 2020 Catwalk Images 

(Left to right - Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Isabel Marant)

Fringing is always a head-turner whether on a jacket, dress or accessories, giving every outfit an effortlessly cool vibe - so be sure to pair your Petit Kouraj bag with your favourite cowboy boots or a suede jacket and tap into the western trend set to be one of the hottest looks this Autumn and right through to next summer 2020.




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