Destination Inspiration: How To Look Chic And Practical On Safari

The Christmas holidays are around the corner and one of the most popular and chicest travel destinations for December and January is to head off on a luxury safari. Not only is a safari one of the most incredible experiences, it's also an opportunity to wear some amazing outfits. Whilst you may be inclined to pack your usual favourites, you may want to read our top tips below on what not to pack, how to avoid attracting unwanted insect bites whilst looking fabulous in some of the must-have designers - not just around the pool.
White is best kept poolside, as it can get rather dusty when you're exploring out on safari, so stick to pastels including pale pink and blue in lightweight fabrics such as linen and silk and a white bikini for within the grounds of your hotel or lodge. A long sleeve shirt can be thrown over a bikini but will also be super practical on chilly morning game drives and will keep the sun off your arms and neck when the sun is at its strongest in the afternoon. For a romantic dinner under the stars, light colours are recommended to avoid attracting mosquitos - an ethereal midi or maxi dress in light colours is the perfect way to cover up whilst still looking ultra feminine. Layer over your long sleeve shirt with a belt to keep you warm on chilly nights. 
Print lovers beware! Avoid vibrant prints on dark backgrounds and save them for your post-safari beach getaway. A lightweight silk kaftan takes up hardly any room and is perfect for any weight restrictions on internal flights. If you do want to wear prints choose motifs that will have you blend into the background such as muted leopard. Avoid camouflage as some African countries reserve this for military personnel only and is frowned upon. You won't need many accessories whilst staying at your safari lodge, but add a special touch to your evening look with a beautifully embroidered clutch that is space efficient too. The best way to get close to wildlife is to blend in with your surroundings with earthy shades of browns and greens.
Black attracts mosquitoes and tsetse flies that have a nasty bite, so monochrome lovers should keep black to their bikini wardrobe and footwear. Light neutral colours such as beige and cream will make sure you blend into the landscape and don't attract too much attention. Much of your time will be spent within the confines of a vehicle when outside the lodge exploring, so to make sure you are stylish yet comfy, billowy boho blouses are perfect teamed with shorts and thin enough to layer under a sweater when the temperature plummets. Pack a lightweight basket bag for the beach post safari, and use either as a plane carry on or pack in your suitcase and fill with clothes to keep its shape and to be space efficient. 


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