How To Find The Perfect Bikini By Co-Founder Lily Russo

How to find the perfect bikini? Well,'s Co-Founder Lily Russo is a self-proclaimed bikini addict with her own collection now totaling nearly 50, so she would know. She really has tried and tested them all and knows what works, what doesn’t but most importantly what it takes to look and feel great when you are baring all on the beach. Here she shares her top tips on how to buy the perfect swimsuit:

"I have never been super skinny. I've always bounced back and forth from a small UK 12 to a large UK 12 since I was a teenager. I was always one of the tallest at school and one of the girls with the widest hips. Don't get me wrong, I kind of love my childbearing hips now (here's hoping for a quick labour ladies) but when you are younger you always feel self-conscious especially when you are staying at a friends house and everyone else shares their skirts or jeans, and all I can borrow is a top, if that.  But over the years and with positive encouragement from my mother and family, I learned to love my curves and to focus less on what I felt I wanted my body shape to be and instead make the most of what I had. Over the years I have also learned to love exercising such a dancing or boxing and instead of fad diets, just do some extra classes when I feel my jeans getting a little tighter. I have never not loved wearing a bikini, even when my love handles were a little rounder and my hips not as toned, and all it came down to was wearing well-cut swimwear. You don't need to have supermodel measurements to look great in swimwear if you choose the right style for you." 

Here are my top 5 tips for finding the perfect bikini:

TIP 1. Try on at home – “There is nothing worse than poor lighting and distorting mirrors when trying on swimwear so shopping online or trying your purchases in the comfort of your own home has always been how I like to shop.”

TIP 2. Size up – “No one likes to buy a larger size unless they really have to, but the sizing of many swimwear brands comes up smaller than normal. Feeling like your bikini bottoms are digging in won’t make you feel at ease when you are trying to enjoy your holiday and munch your way through a club sandwich around the pool so try to not think of what size you are buying, just what looks best.”

TIP 3. Know your shape – “If you aren’t sure what shape best suits you having a trying on session. Not every style bikini or one piece is going to suit you, but once you find a certain shape or designer that does, stick to it. It will make swimwear shopping a lot easier and fun. Each designer has a unique style so find one you love and stick to it.”

TIP 4. Colour – “I am always drawn to beautiful nudes or crazy colours. I always save my white bikinis for the second half of the holiday once I have a tan and opt for softer shades to begin with. If you are heading off on a short break and won’t have much tanning time prints are a lot more forgiving.”

TIP 5. Invest – “Spending on swimwear is always worth it. A lot goes into making well-made swimwear in great fabrics that will hug your curves instead of sagging. Despite its size a bikini is often more technical and complicated to make than say a dress or coat and is always money well spent. The confidence you will have when looking and feeling great on the beach is priceless.”

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