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How did you come to set up your business?

I launched SevenSix Agency in 2019 after being in-house as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager for many years. I didn't have much business experience, but saw a need for an inclusive marketing agency in the influencer space so I just went for it. Roll on 3 years and we're still here and going from strength to strength.

What would you say has been one of your biggest challenges being a woman in business?

Sadly I don't think I am taken as seriously as my male peers because not only am I a woman, but I look a lot younger than I actually am and on top of that, I'm an influencer - not just an influencer marketer. The advertising industry is very male dominated and it is still very much the old boys club so it's quite difficult to be seen sometimes. 

And what are the perks of having your own business?

Having my own business can be hard and a lot of work but I can't deny how much I love the flexibility. I've set my business up so it allows me to work from anywhere, be that a café in London or a beach bar in Ibiza - so that's really fun haha! Also, my business is purpose-led so it can be extremely rewarding.

What’s your bucket list beach destination? 

I would absolutely love to visit Cape Verde. I studied Portuguese at university and my dissertation was on post colonial Cape Verdean poetry. I've seen so many pictures of how stunning the country is and I can't wait to experience it - especially as I already know so much about their history and culture. 

What’s the one thing you pack in your suitcase each year without fail and why?

A pair of Levis denim shorts - they go with me on every holiday and are the base of so many of my holiday looks.

What are your top tips for switching off on holiday?

I'm one of those people who does the absolute most the week before to ensure I can really take time off whilst I'm away. I set clear expectations with clients and team members around my OOO timings and I delete the email app off of my phone and ask my assistant for updates every few days so that I don't miss anything. That being said, my phone is always on and if it's an emergency I know anyone can get hold of me. 

What’s your beach style?

I tan really easily so I am very much function over style. I'd love to be one of these people who wears swimwear with lots of straps and high waisted bottoms but I wear as little as possible to get the most even tan. 

The secret to feeling confident in swimwear?

A good fit - If the piece fits you well, be that the correct cup size or the support you need, then you will look amazing. And I think that goes for all clothes, if your clothes fit you properly then you will always look great.  

Name your 3 beach beauty essentials? 

The Caudalie SPF 50 sun care lotion range and a hair tie, that's all I need!


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