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How did you start your travel podcast?

I was a red carpet reporter, who wrote travel articles for the papers, as well as being a huge podcast enthusiast. I had searched for a podcast that combined celebrity and travel - where were my favourite stars travelling? I was so curious, and couldn't believe this podcast didn't already exist. So I decided to make one myself. Fast forward a couple of months and my first interview was organised, last minute, with Richard Branson in San Francisco. From there, everything snowballed, and since its release the podcast has remained the UK's number one travel podcast, with guests like Stanley Tucci, Sir Michael Palin, Poppy Delevingne and Jo Malone, and is now listened to all over the world. 

 What’s your bucket list beach destination?

It changes all the time, but today it's Palawan in the Philippines, and in particular Amanpulo hotel. It looks like the ultimate untouched island paradise. Closer to home, I'd love to experience the beaches of Comporta in Portugal.

What’s your beach style?

Loose and luxe! I'm quite fair skinned, so I tend to wear loose pale linens, floaty kaftans, and big hats. For swimwear I've always been a bikini girl, but more recently I'm starting to love a one piece.

What’s the one thing you pack in your suitcase each year without fail and why?

Slippers. To be specific, my Ugg slides. It makes such a difference to wear something comforting and familiar on your feet when you get to a different destination - and I don't know about you, but I've never found a great pair of hotel slippers. 

The secret to feeling confident in swimwear?

 Honestly? A tan from Amanda Harrington. I discovered Amanda's team when I was preparing to get married, and I am a convert. The tan is applied by hand on a gorgeous brush and it's so even and natural. It's a bit of a splash out, so I've only had a few, but when I do I look a size smaller and feel great in my swimwear. 

Name your 3 beach beauty essentials?

Clinique Spf 50 for face, a stack of magazines that I'll have been hoarding for months, and a wide brimmed hat.

As travel is part of your job, how do you switch off on holiday?

It's so hard, the lines are really blurred as you say. It is normally my environment that helps me to switch off. I can be truly transfixed by a mountain vista or the lapping of the ocean - the beauty of our planet continually amazes me, and that in itself can be meditative...until I get a really important email! It's definitely a work in progress.

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